Quality & CSR policy


Greuter Logistics Solutions provides sustainable logistics services. By continuously working on process improvements and innovative solutions, we explicitly create added value for our customers.

CSR policy

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship: an important subject that Greuter Solutions does not ignore. We continuously pay attention to our CSR policy. We emphasize the following three pillars: People, Planet and Profit.


Greuter Logistics Solutions
  • complies with the collective labor agreement regulations and has a collective labor agreement-compliant remuneration structure;
  • offers opportunities for further education or training;
  • offers many career opportunities within the organization;
  • ensures general good compliance with statutory rules;
  • stimulates taking initiative as well as development.


Greuter Logistics Solutions
  • reduces its CO2-emissions from the use of the latest euro 5 vehicles, LHV vehicles (long heavy vehicles) and trucks that run on natural gas;
  • has active fuel management at the heart of its policy;
  • has a claims prevention team;
  • actively informs schools about logistics, safety and the environment.


Greuter Logistics Solutions
  • operates sustainably, with a focus on broad value creation in the long term;
  • thinks along with the shipper by using new techniques;
  • shares her knowledge and skills with her relations;
  • saves in all areas through our exchange program with partners;
  • shares its profit with shippers by working smarter and more consciously.
Greuter Logistics Solutions sees sustainability as saving in the field of People, Planet and Profit.
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