Brexit administration for UK transport is a disaster
February 4 2021
What is Dropshipping?
March 16 2021


What does Brexit mean for your webshop?

As a result of Brexit, the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU, which means additional requirements for shipments to British consumers. Three important points: 1. You need an identification number, or an EORI number. 2. You must also complete a customs form. 3. You must have a UK VAT number. You then pay the VAT (20% in the UK) to the UK tax authorities.

What does the new EU VAT Directive mean for e-commerce?

As of 1 July 2021, the new EU VAT directive for e-commerce will apply. The biggest change is that all varying threshold amounts for distance sales per EU country will be dropped. Instead, a universal threshold amount of EUR 10.000 applies (lower than the current threshold amounts). If you stay below this amount within the EU, you may charge Dutch VAT. If you exceed this amount, you will have to charge the sales tax of the relevant country.

Which (tightened) rules apply from 1 July to imports from non-EU countries?

For example, if you work with Chinese suppliers (think of dropshipping), you will have to deal with stricter requirements due to the new European directive. From 1 July, the rule that goods imported from non-EU countries up to 22 euros will not be taxed with VAT will lapse. VAT will be charged on all shipments.

What are the benefits of working with a fulfillment partner for international shipping?

It can pay to switch to fulfillment to get parcels through customs faster, make agreements with carriers and reduce your administrative burden.